How Massage Guns are Changing Home Wellness

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Since the advent of massage guns in the past decade, they have become more affordable and more effective - making them an essential tool for an active lifestyle.

Massage Guns Are Changing How We Work Out

Massage therapy has always been recommended for wellness: aiding in injury prevention pre and post-workout, stimulating lymph movement, improved immune function, and increasing blood flow to increase healing time and improve overall health.

Easy Deep Tissue Massage At Home

There are lots of massage gun devices on the market, including a wide array of knock offs reputable brands. The massage gun, in its design, differs from older kinds of self massagers in that it provides a deeper, more penetrative massage that is closer to the feeling of a live masseuse performing vigorous massage than older models of massagers.

Instead of essentially vibrating the outer muscle, massage guns, knead deeply into the tissue. This penetrative massage is more useful in circulating lymph, increasing the flow of blood, re-distributing areas of edema back into the body’s circulation, and providing relief to spasmed muscle groups that require pointed kneading of spasms and localized pressure to release those problematic knots in the muscles and to restore painful areas to a healthier, pain-free state.

Affordable and Easy To Use 

Massage guns are very sturdy in their design and require very little practice to master the use. The price range varies from a few hundred dollars down to just over $100, based mainly on the quality of the gun and the brands which are most trusted, versus no-name imitation guns. The companies that have been making massage guns since the advent of the design offer mid-range models of their original models that are more affordable - around $250 in most cases - allowing people with tighter budgets to acquire a high-quality model for less. 

Massage Is An Essential Part of Wellness

Since few people who work out can also afford massage therapy pre or post-workout several times a week, the biggest change that the massage gun has brought about is that it has allowed athletic-minded people to include deep tissue massage into their routines. As a pre-workout tool, it allows the muscles to be “warmed up”, which is a great tool to prevent sports-related injury. As a post-workout tool, it expedites the recovery of muscle groups, soothing tired muscles, and providing quick relief for fatigued muscles. If an injury does occur, the massage provided by a massage gun can help increase healing time (if a physician recommends its use, depending upon the nature of the injury) and decrease the pain experienced by injuries obtained in exercise.

Other Uses 

Non-athletes may find a good massage gun useful when treating chronic pain or health problems that usually have pain or decreased range of motion symptoms that massage therapy can relieve. Tension headaches often form in the base of the neck and cause spasms of the muscles from the neck up into the head. Massage therapy applied to the neck - which can be easily self-applied with a massage gun, can help reduce pain and stiffness related to tension in muscles, such as in tension headaches and “tech neck”. 

A huge number of the population suffers from chronic back and neck pain from body overuse or from previous traumatic injury. The application of the massage gun to the back muscles and around the spine can assist in alleviating chronic back pain. Connective tissue problems like plantar fasciitis, which is essentially intense pain in the tendons in the bottom of the feet, could benefit greatly from massage to that area with a massage gun. 

The long term benefits of more massage, in general, can lead to better sleep patterns, fewer minor injuries from everyday living, faster healing of sprains and muscle strains, and less emotionally stressful life with less anxiety and possibly even less depression or periods of emotional difficulties.

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